Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender, BL610 As low as $ 69.0 | UPC 622356536820 | Dexter Clearance

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Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender, BL610

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As low as

$ 69.0

Retail Price : $95.7

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UPC : 622356536820

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Power ice into snow in seconds with the Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender. It can be used to mix whole fruits and vegetables into smoothies and nutrient-rich juices. It''s also ideal for preparing many other types of recipes. The Ninja Professional BL610 blender not only provides optimal performance but also features a sleek design, making it an asset to most kitchens. Its useful features include a nonslip base and a dishwasher-safe construction that make it easy to clean and maintain. For safety, the blades will not spin unless the lid is secured tightly in place. This Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender includes a 72 oz pitcher that has a pour spout that makes it easy to move your handiwork into a glass.